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The Rev. Mark H. Chattin, Rector


Palm Sunday procession with Paul and Sharon Wolfgang, Sue Verzella and Carol Slim.

Roast beef dinner in the Great Hall, with Paul Wolgang, Sue Verzella, Carol Reilley and John Amet enjoying typical Holy Trinity fare.

We don't do yard sales. We do HUGE yard sales.

Sunday School at Hallowe'en.

Enjoying pancakes at a pre-pandemic Shrove Tuesday supper.

Yes, that is Father Mark (left); dogs get ready for their blessing on St. Francis Day (above), and Kenny Lange (now one of "our sons and daughters in the military") swims at a church picnic.

Eric Slim and Megan Woods volunteer at diocesan convention.

Father Mark joins members of the Episcopal Church Women at an ECW awards dinner.

Tom Woods wears a sombrero during a Hallowe'en Sunday event a few years back.

The Great Hall is filled with parishioners attending a dinner (above) for the "Trinity Forward" initiative; Father Mark is dwarfed by a piece of demolition equipment.