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"I have had the pleasure of having Mark H. Chattin present for every Christmas of my life and countless holidays. Father Mark has always been an important part of my life, and, truly, my family." -- Theolonius Kelp

"Fr. Chattin baptized my daughter 24 years ago. Thoughts and prayers are with his family during this sad time." -- LuAnn Watson

The Very Rev. Mark H. Chattin, who was Holy Trinity's rector for 24 years, could calm babies and skittish canines alike. There are probably statistics on the numbers of babies he baptized, including his many grandchildren, in his 44-year career as a priest, but the count of animals (live and stuffed toys) he blessed on St. Francis Day is known only to God.

"We’re so shocked and saddened by this news. Mark has been a foundation for my family for many years." -- Doug Moore

Father Mark wears a clown nose

"A lovely man. I’m so sorry for this sudden loss. Echoing my brother, Thom Moore, Rev. Chattin was very kind to my family, and on the occasion of my father’s funeral (on April 2, 2016), he kindly offered his blessing. Being a professional circus clown, I brought a red nose to the service, and the Reverend asked to wear it in honor of my wonderful Dad and to bring a sense of lovely whimsy to his service, which Dad would’ve loved." -- Sara Toby Moore, daughter of William Moore

His last Pentecost, when Bishop Stokes confirmed Andrew Woolford

"... a wonderful person and faithful and loving priest. His death is a tremendous loss to Holy Trinity, St. Bartholomew’s and our diocesan family. May he rest in peace and be raised in glory." -- the Rt. Rev. William H. Stokes, Bishop of New Jersey

Photo by David Emert

"When it came to Christmas, and especially decorating for Christmas, Mark Chattin was a perfectionist. Why else would he and I be replacing a string of lights over the church door in the dark, in freezing rain, and standing on a metal ladder? And why would they be up later than anywhere else?" -- Al Heavens, Holy Trinity Vestry

A youthful Father Mark is dwarfed by a piece of demolition equipment as the old rectory is razed to create the Labyrinth and plaza at the entrance to the church. He was an innovator who embraced necessary change.

The signing of the affiliation agreement between Holy Trinity and St. Bartholomew's on May 31, 2022
"We were just starting to fall in love with our new priest. We will miss Fr. Mark immensely." -- Lin Williams, Junior Warden, St. Bartholomew's Church

If there was a need, Father Mark would figure out a way to meet it. This is the Soles 4 Soles collection that turns old shoes into usable ones for those who need them.

Photo by Scott Anderson

"I enjoyed the way he interacted with the acolytes at the Acolyte Festival." -- Kirsten Sheldon

Father Mark joins Holy Trinity members at an Episcopal Church Women awards dinner.

"My Gram loved him a lot. He performed my marriage and held the service for both my grandparents when they passed away..." -- Sherry Walichnowski

Before Father Mark left for vacation, he handed Theresa the material for the fall newsletter Trinity Tidings. Theresa, and all of us, felt that this was truly his last sermon. Bishop Stokes follows with his thoughts on a life well-lived.

This was Father Mark's final sermon, "Jesus the Pioneer and Perfecter of Our Faith,"" which was delivered on Aug. 14, 2022 -- The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost.

The Very Rev. Mark Haney Chattin

"May the soul of the saint departed rest in perfect peace."
-- The Rev. Oshioma Innocent Ogbidikhe, Anglican Diocese of Lagos, Nigeria